INTRODUCTORY DOWNLOAD BUNDLE - Download the RiZe Up album and ReZist video

INTRODUCTORY DOWNLOAD BUNDLE - Download the RiZe Up album and ReZist video

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In this bundle you get two digital downloads, the audio of Roy's latest album RiZe Up plus the live-in-concert video ReZist. And you save $5. The Introductory Bundle makes a great gift for anyone just discovering Roy's music.

The RiZe Up CD is a funny and forceful expression of resistance in the time of Trump. It's twelve songs in all - some of the song parodies which have garnered tens of millions of views on social media, and some new tour de force originals to inspire laughter and renewed resolve.

ReZist is a video of a complete live show, filmed in front of a raucous audience at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica. You'll fee like you're in the room. Laugh, hope, rise up and resist along!

“Your music expresses resistance to the grotesque and rallies support for the promise of something better.” - George from Virginia

RiZe Up CD tracks:

Sweeney Trump  l Drain the Swamp  l Pixie Man l Thoughts and Prayers  l Rise Up l Religious Freedom l The Don  l The Shady Bunch l Ol' Man Fibber l Joel Osteen  l Dream l You Can't Unring That Bell

ReZist DVD tracks:

Hope, Struggle and Change  l My TV l The Don l Pixie Man  l Religious Freedom l Abstain with Me  l Thoughts and Prayers l Old Man Fibber  l Psycho Tweeter l My Vote, My Voice, My Right  l DWB l Someday (We Shall Overcome) l Psychedelic Relic  l Summer of Loving l Turn Off the Hubble l Rift Valley Drifters  l I Approve This Message