ReZist video

REZIST is a video of a full Roy concert filmed in front of a live audience at McCabe's Guitar Shop in 2017. Seventeen songs in all. Edited from a three-camera shoot, this DVD looks and sounds great - you'll feel like you're in the room. REZIST is a raucous, rollicking celebration of our collective will to fight back against Trump and Company and the absurdities of our time.

"My friend made me watch the ReZist DVD, which I didn't know was going to make me fall in love with the spirit of Woody Guthrie all over again and give me hope for America." - Susan from Missouri

Track List

Hope, Struggle and Change  l My TV l The Don l Pixie Man  l Religious Freedom l Abstain with Me  l Thoughts and Prayers l Old Man Fibber  l Psycho Tweeter l My Vote, My Voice, My Right  l DWB l Someday (We Shall Overcome) l Psychedelic Relic  l Summer of Loving l Turn Off the Hubble l Rift Valley Drifters  l I Approve This Message

REZIST is available as a DVD or as a digital download. It's also a part of the INTRODUCTORY BUNDLE. Our bundles are our best deals, and they're available as CDs/DVDs or as digital downloads.