RiZe Up

In the current political horror show, do you need some laughter? Some encouragement? Perspective? Inspiration? RiZe Up is Roy's latest album, a funny and forceful expression of resistance in the time of Trump. It's twelve songs in all - some of the song parodies which have garnered hundreds of millions of views on social media, and some new tour de force originals to inspire laughter and renewed resolve.

Stellar musicianship throughout includes appearances by Laura Love and the Soggy Po Boys.

“My 87-year-old mother, a since-reformed Trump voter, loved your CD and agreed that you are the best and most brilliant, well-informed intellectual satirist to come along since The Kingston Trio.” - Judy from California

Track List (with video links)

Sweeney Trump  l Drain the Swamp  l Pixie Man l Thoughts and Prayers  l Rise Up l Religious Freedom l The Don  l The Shady Bunch l Ol' Man Fibber l Joel Osteen  l Dream l You Can't Unring That Bell

"Occasionally a song completely takes over my brain. Currently, it’s DREAM – a song so timely, so compelling, so gorgeous that I can’t stop hearing it in my head and talking about it at every possible opportunity. I believe it has the potential to change hearts and minds of anyone with even a trace of heart and mind." - Jeannine Frank

RiZe Up is available as a CD or as a digital download. It's also a part of the Complete Roy Collection Bundle, the Sampler Pack Bundle and the Introductory Bundle. These bundles are our best deals, and they're available as CDs/DVDs or as digital downloads. You can also get a free download of the mp3 audio file for the title track, "Rise Up."