I’m so delighted to announce my crowdfunding campaign for my TWO NEW ALBUMS. The first album, ROAD MAP, will be a collection of time-honored social justice songs that speak to this moment in history. We’ll be releasing ROAD MAP later this spring. The second album will be a collection of all-originals with the working title HAVE MERCY. We’ll release HAVE MERCY in early summer. Come along on the journey with me!

Here’s a little video I made introducing these two projects (including a sneak peek at two of the songs.)

Will you help us produce ROAD MAP and HAVE MERCY? This is an open-ended campaign. We'll leave all of these support options open through the release of both albums.

We’ve divided support into 5 levels: PREORDERS (the lifeblood of independent record making), BUNDLES of deeply-discounted album collections (both physical CDs and Downloads), DONATIONS at various levels, ALBUM CREDITS and EXPERIENCES.


Order ROAD MAP and HAVE MERCY now and we’ll ship them as soon as they are released. You can order DIGITAL DOWNLOADS of the 2 albums, PHYSICAL CDs, SIGNED CDs, and a GIFT GIVING BUNDLE of 6 copies of ROAD MAP for the price of 5. ROAD MAP will be ready toward the end of winter 2024. HAVE MERCY is due to be released in the spring.


These BUNDLES feature spicy deep discounts. The GOLD BUNDLE is the Best Deal, featuring all my currently released albums plus ROAD MAP and HAVE MERCY.

The SILVER BUNDLE is a great introduction to my work featuring the 2 new records plus THIS MACHINE: THE BEST OF ROY ZIMMERMAN double CD, and REZIST, a live concert video.

Both the GOLD BUNDLE and the SILVER BUNDLE are available as digital downloads or as physical CDs/DVDs. When you order a BUNDLE, we’ll immediately ship all the titles available now, then we’ll ship the new records as they’re released.


Would you like to kick in some extra help for making these records? We hope the buttons below make that easy. Thank you so much - we can't make these records without you.


You support this music because you know that independent voices are an essential part of American democracy. For these contributions your name will be credited on the album liner notes for both ROAD MAP and HAVE MERCY. We want to give you the credit you deserve.

You'll also receive the autographed CDs and the digital downloads of ROAD MAP and HAVE MERCY as soon as they become available.


These perks give me the chance to interface with you. It’s a range of experiences from simply attending an online concert to a one-on-one Zoom call, songwriting lessons, original artwork, a private concert tailored to your event and an original song written to your specs by Melanie and me.