Faulty Intelligence - DOWNLOAD

Faulty Intelligence - DOWNLOAD

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The catch-all phrase for the Bush years. These fifteen tuneful lampoons take on the neo-con nitwits and evangelical nutcases whose "Faulty Intelligence" led us to war in Iraq and inflamed the Culture Wars. Highlights include a lesson in "Creation Science 101," and a plaintive plea to "Abstain With Me."

Digital download include the three-page booklet.

Track List:

Hello, NSA | Chickenhawk | Glory Bound Train #1 | That Is the War on Terror | Creation Science 101 | Abstain With Me | Defenders of Marriage | Glory Bound Train #2 | Intelligent Design | CIDIATFBI | My Conservative Girlfriend | Ingles | When the Saints Go Marching In to New Orleans | Glory Bound Train #3 | America

Bonus Tracks: Saddam Shame | Turn Off The Hubble | Glory Bound Train (full song)