HOLIDAY BUNDLE - Get the This Machine and PeaceNick CDs

HOLIDAY BUNDLE - Get the This Machine and PeaceNick CDs

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In this two-pack you get the brand new 2-CD release This Machine: The Best of Roy Zimmerman plus the timeless Holiday CD PeaceNick. And you save $10. The Holiday Bundle makes a great gift, sure to be in heavy holiday rotation.

25 songs from 25 years, This Machine: The Best of Roy Zimmerman is more than a “greatest hits” compilation. Roy and Melanie have chosen the songs that best speak to this crucial moment in history and turn our hearts, minds and ears toward the social justice battles yet to be won. This retrospective is unabashedly looking forward.

Not just a Christmas record. “PeaceNick” is hilarious holiday satire for all humanity. From the pan-humanist "Christma-Hanu-Rama-Ka-Dona-Kwanzaa" to the faux-Dylan protest song, "Christmas is Pain," Christmas just got funnier.

This Machine CD Tracks:

Disc 1:

Hope, Struggle and Change  l  Vote Him Away (The Liar Tweets Tonight)  l  My Vote, My Voice, My Right  l  End of the Ship  l  Psychedelic Relic  l  Defenders of Marriage  l  My Conservative Girlfriend  l  Religious Freedom  l  Turn Off the Hubble  l  DWB  l  Rise Up  l  I Approve This Message

Disc 2:

This Machine  l  MAGA  l  Socialist!  l  Everybody Is Everybody Else  l  Dream  l  Thoughts and Prayers  l  Vote Republican  l  Saddam Shame  l  The Faucet’s on Fire  l  Abstain With Me  l  Creation Science 101  l  Rift Valley Drifters  l  America

Liner notes and lyrics for This Machine: The Best of Roy Zimmerman can be found at Roy's website.

“Your music expresses resistance to the grotesque and rallies support for the promise of something better.” - George from Virginia

PeaceNick Track List:

Buy War Toys For Christmas  l  Christma-Hanu-Rama-Ka-Dona-Kwanzaa  l  Christmas in Crawford, 2004  l  Christmas Is Pain  l  I Won’t Be Home For Christmas  l  PeaceNick  l  Two Brothers  l  Hula Yule  l  Nothing But the Best  l  When a Child Is Born