Real American - CD

Real American - CD

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REAL AMERICAN is a satirical tour of the Tea-Party Fantasyland.

Eleven hopey-changey original songs take on the Second Amendment, the wealth gap, marriage equality, our common human ancestry, even Martian infidels.

REAL AMERICAN kicks off with "This Machine," Roy's frenetic, banjo-driven mission statement: "This Machine drives Neo-Con, jingoistic, faux-populist, xenophobic crypto-fascists from the room!"

Track List:

This Machine  |  Summer of Loving  |  Real America  |  Buddy, Can You Spare a Trillion Dollars?  |  End of the Ship  |  Socialist!  |  The Orange County Rolling Acres Senior Center Cannabis Club |  Singalong Second Amendment  |  Limbaugh (How Low Can You Go?)  |  Rift Valley Drifters  l  Christmas on Mars

REAL AMERICAN is available as a part of the COMPLETE ROY COLLECTION.

"One of the funniest, most musical and meaningful comedians you'll ever experience." -- Ed pearl, the Ash Grove