RiZe Up - CD

RiZe Up - CD

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In the current political horror show, do you need some laughter? Some encouragement? Perspective? Inspiration? RiZe Up is Roy's first new album in three years, a funny and forceful statement of resistance. Stellar musicianship throughout includes appearances by Laura Love and the Soggy Po Boys.

"You keep us sane in bad times & empowered in good times!!" - Karen from Missouri

Track List (with video links)

Sweeney Trump  l Drain the Swamp  l Pixie Man l Thoughts and Prayers  l Rise Up l Religious Freedom l The Don  l The Shady Bunch l Ol' Man Fibber l Joel Osteen  l Dream l You Can't Unring That Bell

"Occasionally a song completely takes over my brain. Currently, it’s DREAM – a song so timely, so compelling, so gorgeous that I can’t stop hearing it in my head and talking about it at every possible opportunity. I believe it has the potential to change hearts and minds of anyone with even a trace of heart and mind." - Jeannine Frank

RiZe Up is available as a part of the Complete Roy Collection Bundle, the Sampler Pack Bundle and the Introductory Bundle. These bundles are our best deals, and they're available as CDs/DVDs or as digital downloads. You can also get a free download of the mp3 audio file for the title track, "Rise Up."