Security - CD

Security - CD

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SECURITY takes the satirical sling blade to international politics.

Highlights include the inspiring, visionary "One World, One Bank," a "Multinational Anthem," the breezy pop tune "Kill a Doctor for Christ" and a love song to the sexiest man alive, "Dick Cheney."

SECURITY is eleven blistering originals to conspire with the HOMELAND album.

Track List:

Saddam Shame | F*cking for Chastity | Dick Cheney | Guns in Space | Multinational Anthem | Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung | Norwedish Hate Anthem | Everybody's Ugly | Kill a Doctor For Christ | Homeland Security | One World, One Bank

SECURITY is available as a part of the COMPLETE ROY COLLECTION.

“Thank you Roy and your co-creator Melanie so much for your inspiring, clever, funny, rhythmic, wonderful words and music!” - George from South Dakota