Thanks For the Support - ALBUM DOWNLOAD

Thanks For the Support - ALBUM DOWNLOAD

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A collection of twelve fiercely funny songs about the absurdities of an election season, all recorded live. The CD starts with the words, "A message of hope from the great Bay Area..." and ends with the words, "...I am" - a de facto statement of Roy's purpose in creating "Thanks for the Support" and taking it to every corner of this country.

"It's really bad -- I mean, it's poorly done -- but it's funny." -- Ted Haggard (About "Ted Haggard is Completely Heterosexual")

Track List (with video links):

To Be a Liberal | I'll Pull Out | Don't Make Fun of the Crippled Boy | Thanks for the Support | Ted Haggard is Completely Heterosexual | Dear Number 1036924053887 | Is America Ready? | Eine Kleine Barackmusik | Burn Goody Clinton! | Superdelegate | The Man, the Myth, the McCain | I Approve This Message

"I am a fellow musician, a keyboardist in the hard rock band Operation Mindcrime (formerly Queensryche), and I have been watching your videos for a long time now and ABSOLUTELY love what you do. In this era of catastrophe I needed a little bit of humour to get me through, and I went back a while and listened to your 'I Approve This Message' and while I was listening, tears started to cascade out of my eyes. I guess I really needed some hope, and this song gave it back to me." -- Randall Gane

Thanks For the Support is also available as a part of the Complete Collection.