The Best of The Foremen

The Best of The Foremen

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Folk music had its day in the sun. But it got all blotchy and had to go back underground. In the meantime, Roy Zimmerman created The Foremen and brought to the Nineties what Folk Era groups like The Limeliters and The Kingston Trio brought to the early Sixties: twangling instruments, knife-edged four-part harmonies and biting, hilarious satire.

"Best of The Foremen" is 16 cuts culled from the long out of print Metaphor Records releases "Folk Heroes" and "Sing It Loud!" and featuring a special bonus section of long lost gems from the archives.

Digital download includes the three-page booklet.

I Been Singin' l Bug Bites l Song of Many Deaths l Workin' on an MBA l Building for the Future l A-Whalin' l Peace is Out l Lazin' in the Shade l California Couldn't Pay Our Education l Godzilla Has a Midlife Crisis l Hell Froze Over Today l No Shoes l Do the Clinton l Don't Pity Me l Ain't No Liberal l Michael l Lenny Hudbutter Intro l Jeeter l Shh...It Happens l My Home Town l The Greatest Los Angeles Disaster of Them All l Firing the Surgeon General l The Water Is Wide