You're Getting Sleepy - ALBUM DOWNLOAD

You're Getting Sleepy - ALBUM DOWNLOAD

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"You're Getting Sleepy" is a mesmerizing mockery of GOP nonsense - 11 originals, recorded in the studio, covering an hypnotic blend of subjects: gun control, church-state separation, Citizens United, the inequities of war. When I count to three and snap my fingers, you'll awake refreshed, ready to "Hope, Struggle and Change."

Track List (with video links):

Vote Republican | I Want a Marriage Like They Had in the Bible | The Unions Are to Blame | Thoughts and Prayers | Citizens United | Beer Party Anthem | The Last Man | Mister Bush Sends His Regrets | I'm So Friggin' Country | The Wedding of Church and State | Hope, Struggle and Change

You're Getting Sleepy is also available as a part of the Complete Collection.